The economy

Donald Trump also boasted about economic growth during his Presidency.

“We’ve created since my election 5.5 million new jobs. Nobody would have believed that was possible, including 600,000, brand new — remember, this couldn’t happen, you’d need a magic wand — brand new manufacturing jobs,” he said.

Trump both exaggerates the growth in manufacturing jobs, and takes more credit for the growth than is accurate. “In addition, economists always say that presidents are just one factor in the health of an economy,”

Steve ‘Foreclosure King’ Mnuchin

Trump hired Mnuchin into his US Cabinet as Treasury Secretary because he was staring bankruptcy right before he became President. Mnuchin began his career at Goldman Sachs before working for the George Soros-Funded OneWest Bank Group LLC (when they bought defunct IndyMac Bank for 24c on the dollar from the receiver). In other words Mnuchin is old-school NWO, his father worked at Goldman Sachs nearly all his life.